Closed Monday 7th January 2019

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The next significant development in the Black Swan pipeline is the establishment of the Black Swan Artists' Guild.  We're looking to create a forum to nurture and showcase the work of a range of local 'makers' who will have the opportunity to exhibit in the Round Tower up to four times every year.  We will soon be inviting applicants from the first tranche of potential guild members who will submit examples of their work to be scrutinised by, what we're calling, the Black Swan Guild Set-up Group - a group of successful and respected artists and makers who will select the guild's start-up membership.  Once these first members of the Guild have been chosen, the Set-up group will step back, with the guild members themselves taking the project to the next stages.  We have invited the following people to join the Set-up group:

Hans Borgonjon (one of the organising group)

Gladys Paulus

Chris Pig

Sonja Klinger

and Carolyn Griffiths.

We would REALLY like to add your name to the list as we feel you would add a huge amount of experience, expertise and insight to the selection process.  PLEASE say yes!

We certainly don't expect participation in the set-up group to be either arduous or time-consuming, in fact it's likely to be pretty interesting, as well as being an opportunity to be in at the start of what we hope will be a major strengthening of the Swan's relationship with the local arts community.

I hope the above makes sense.  If not (or if you just want more information than I have provided) please do get in touch, either via this email address or by phone on 01373 473980.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.